The Pros of Having a QuickBooks or Xero Consultant

Many business owner prefer to manage their own books. This could be a decision based on being cost effective, already having a basic understanding of accounting, or simply just a privacy preference. That being said, there are some MAJOR benefits to having a go-to consultant for your bookkeeping platform. 

1. You get a discount. 

Your consultant should belong to the partnership program of whichever platform you utilize. Ex: QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Xero Partner. This partnership program allows accountants and bookkeepers who have successfully passed training and certification to pass on billing discounts to you. This means extra savings for you simply partnering up with a consultant. 

2. You get immediate help when stuck. 

If you already have a consultant that you are partnered with, you have a go-to person available to assist with whatever issue you may be stuck on. Instead of spending extra time researching a solution you can simply contact the consultant and have the issue resolved in a more timely, efficient manner. They say time is money, right?

3. You get a second set of eyes.  

Having a second set of eyes reviewing your numbers will NEVER hurt. Especially if that person is experienced in business bookkeeping and accounting. Consultants have a keen eye for recognizing irregular number trends and providing total cash management that can save your business money. 

4. You develop a relationship. 

When choosing a doctor, you want someone who is familiar with you and your medical history. Developing and maintaining a relationship with a consultant only gets better with time since this person will know the specific and individualized business needs of your company as well as any business partner. 

There are a number of pros to having a go-to QuickBooks or Xero consultant - and building this relationship sooner rather than later is even more beneficial. They are essentially there to help you manage your business financials effectively and efficiently, but with a more personal touch than any other dial-in help line can offer.